I feel like a weirdo, says Camila Cabello

Pop star Camila Cabello has opened up about the evolution of her music.



Camila Cabello has explained the evolution of her sound
Camila Cabello has explained the evolution of her sound

Camila Cabello feels like a "weirdo".

The 27-year-old pop star - who first found fame as part of Fifth Harmony - believes her personality is reflected in her new music.

The chart-topping singer - who is preparing to release her much-anticipated new album, 'C, XOXO' - told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1: "I do feel like I'm a weirdo, and that's the music that I love, and that's the music that I feel the most proud of making."

Camila has adopted a new sound in recent times. But the singer insists she hasn't purposefully embarked on a "master rebrand plan".

Reflecting on the evolution of her music, Camila shared: "I love that people are going to experience this, but my favorite part is those memories that I have of meeting new people and making new friends. And I really have always tried for it not to be this way, but I think in pop, there's a lot of transactional stuff, features, and it's just like it's way better when it comes from like, 'Hey, I've been really with the music, and what's up, and let's hang out and let's talk, and if a song comes out, great'.

"I think that always is ... I feel like the best energy. And I think that's been a big part of this whole album process, just like curiosity. And maybe I've been chronically online too much the last few days, but it's not like some master rebrand plan."

Camila believes her new album and its distinctive sound is a reflection of her own curiosity.

She said: "It really has just all started from curiosity and what would be unexplored territory, and what would be exciting for me."