Tom Sandoval's cheating scandal 'was supposed to happen'

Tom Sandoval has had a one-on-one conversation with Lala Kent about his 2023 cheating scandal.



Tom Sandoval was involved in a cheating scandal in 2023
Tom Sandoval was involved in a cheating scandal in 2023

Tom Sandoval feels his cheating scandal "was supposed to happen".

The 40-year-old reality TV star split from Ariana Madix in 2023 after it emerged that he had a months-long affair with Rachel Leviss, and Tom has now suggested that he was always headed for drama in his love life.

During a conversation with Lala Kent on the latest episode of 'Vanderpump Rules', Tom confessed: "The way things have worked out in my life, I do feel like this was supposed to happen."

Lala, 33, admitted to being triggered by Tom's cheating scandal, after she previously split from Randall Emmett in acrimonious circumstances.

She told Tom: "Whatever went on with you and Ariana and whatever decisions that you made, do I approve of them? No. Do I understand them? No."

Despite this, Lala appreciated Tom's honesty and for having the courage to discuss the situation with her.

The blonde beauty said: "I've been held prisoner to my experience for way too long.

"You and what you did, that is not my fight. I now have to go into this is what I want. This is what I feel good about. And I did feel good about coming here and having this conversation with you and letting you know that this is good for me."

Meanwhile, Tom recently claimed that he's been treated like a murderer since his cheating scandal broke.

The reality star likened his treatment to that of Scott Peterson, who was previously convicted of murdering his pregnant wife Laci Peterson and their unborn son.

Tom - who hasn't spoken to Rachel since 2023 - said on a recent episode of 'Vanderpump Rules': "I’m being treated like I’m Scott Peterson and it will linger with me, like Scott Peterson."