Former James Bond George Lazenby: 'Aaron Taylor-Johnson can handle Bond's stunts'

George Lazenby believes Aaron Taylor-Johnson has all the qualities of the suave spy.



George Lazenby says Aaron Taylor-Johnson should 'reinvent' Bond if he nabs the part
George Lazenby says Aaron Taylor-Johnson should 'reinvent' Bond if he nabs the part

Former James Bond George Lazenby believes Aaron Taylor-Johnson has what it takes to be the next 007.

The 33-year-old actor was reported by The Sun to have been handed a "formal offer" to play James Bond after Daniel Craig departed the role after 15 years as the suave spy in 2021's 'No Time Die'.

And George, 84, who played Bond in just one film, 1969's 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service', is quoted by TMZ as saying he believes Aaron “can handle the stunts, and all the ladies who love a man in a tux.”

He also believes the 'Fall Guy' actor doesn't have the job yet because he had to go through several test runs and auditions before nabbing the iconic part.

His one piece of advice to Aaron, should he become Bond, is to “reinvent the role to fit him.”

A source had told the newspaper: "Bond is Aaron’s job, should he wish to accept it. The formal offer is on the table and they are waiting to hear back.

"As far as Eon [production company] is concerned, Aaron is going to sign his contract in the coming days and they can start preparing for the big announcement."

The 'Kick-Ass' actor - who is married to director Sam Taylor-Johnson, 57 - also recently admitted it is "charming" that he has been heavily linked to the iconic movie role.

Speaking to Numero magazine about the speculation, he said: "I find it charming and wonderful that people see me in that role. I take it as a great compliment."

In August, Aaron insisted he was not focusing on speculation he could be the next Bond.

He told Esquire magazine at the time: "I have to go by the beat of my own drum. It’s my own path, what feels intuitive to me.

"I’ve never made a decision based on other people’s perspectives, or their judgments, or their expectations. You lose your mind if you do that. Your sense of worth and soul is gone.

"You need to understand what is integral to you and what feels right, and you’ve got to stay on track with what’s present in front of you. Kraven is what’s in front of me."

When asked what he thought of taking on the Bond role, he said: "I just focus on the things I can have in my hands right now.

"What’s in front of me right now."