Mark Wahlberg's family are 'thriving' in Nevada

Mark Wahlberg and his family moved to Nevada in 2022.



Mark Wahlberg moved to Nevada in 2022
Mark Wahlberg moved to Nevada in 2022

Mark Wahlberg's family have been able to "thrive" in Nevada.

The 52-year-old actor and his wife Rhea Durham relocated from Los Angeles to Nevada in 2022, and Mark feels his family have already felt their benefit of their move.

Mark - who has Ella, 20, Michael, 17, Brendan, 15, and Grace, 14, with Rhea - told PEOPLE: "It’s a place where my kids can thrive and do their thing."

Mark and Rhea still love spending time together. But they have different TV-watching habits.

The Hollywood star - who has been married to Rhea since 2009 - said: "If my wife wants to pick a show, then it's usually something in the vein of some sort of 'Housewives' or '90 Day Fiance' or something of that nature."

By contrast, Mark's TV-watching habits are more "sports-oriented".

The actor - who is well-known for his health-conscious lifestyle - admits that he "never makes it to the end" because he falls asleep so early.

Meanwhile, Mark previously revealed that he wants to go on an adventure with Bear Grylls - but he needs his wife's permission.

The outdoor adventurer makes a cameo appearance in 'Arthur the King' - Mark's action-adventure film - and the actor is now keen to test himself in the wild alongside Bear.

Asked if he'd ever be interested in going on a survivalist adventure with Bear, Mark told 'Entertainment Tonight': "If I get permission from my wife, yes."

Rhea is reluctant for Mark to embark on any "extreme" adventures.

The movie star said: "She doesn't think I need to be doing things that are too extreme.

"I mean, I'm not doing any Tom Cruise-type of stuff. But I do enough where it's like, 'Yeah, you don't want to put yourself in harm's way.'"