Ryan Phillippe tips his kids to follow in his footsteps

Ryan Phillippe believes his children could become big stars in their own right.



Ryan Phillippe feels very proud of his kids
Ryan Phillippe feels very proud of his kids

Ryan Phillippe thinks it would be "natural" for his kids to follow in his footsteps.

The 49-year-old actor has Ava, 24, and Deacon, 20, with his ex-wife Reese Witherspoon, and Ryan can understand why his children might want to pursue careers in the entertainment industry.

Asked if Ava was pursuing acting as a career, Ryan told 'Extra': "She is. She’s sort of getting her feet wet, you know? She’s taking time to kind of figure out exactly what it is she wants to do."

The actor claimed that it would be a perfectly logical progression for his kids.

He shared: "That's what always annoys me about this whole nepotism talk with the industry. You know, so many people grow up and end up doing what their parents do, you know, to some degree or another.

"To me, I always get offended for the children of actors and entertainers when people bring that up because yeah, of course, that's what they've grown up around.

"By the way, that familiarity makes them handle some of what is hard about this industry. You’ve gotta have a thick skin. There’s so much rejection and nasty things that can be said about you. It’s not all celebration.

"These kids have grown up watching on set with Reese or with me. It seems natural, I think."

Deacon is an aspiring musician, and Ryan feels "insanely" proud of his son.

The movie star - who was married to Reese between 1999 and 2008 - said: "He makes me proud every single day of his life just in regards to the young man he's become, to how he operates in the world.

"He's just such a source of light and love, and he's very solid and spiritual. He's got an incredible work ethic."