Kristin Chenoweth reveals how she always knew Ariana Grande would be a big star: 'I'm so proud!'

Kristin Chenoweth thinks Ariana Grande is going to "blow everyone away" in 'Wicked' and is "so proud" of the pop singer for taking on the role of Glinda in 'Wicked'.



Kristin Chenoweth thinks Ariana Grande will surprise everyone in the Wicked movie
Kristin Chenoweth thinks Ariana Grande will surprise everyone in the Wicked movie

Kristin Chenoweth "always wanted" Ariana Grande to become a movie star.

The 55-year-old actress originated the role of Glinda in the smash-hit Broadway musical 'Wicked' in 2003 when the then-10-year-old Ariana met her backstage and now that the 'Into You' hitmaker is playing the role of the good witch in the upcoming film adaptation, Kristin thinks the world will get to see a "different side" to the multi-million selling pop star.

She told the Sarasota Herald Tribune: "Oh, well, I’ve known her since she was 10, so I wanted this to happen. I just think the world needs to get ready, because I think she’s going to be a very big surprise in the role.

"Obviously, not vocally, but acting-wise, I think we’re going to see a different side to her that people didn’t know existed. I know that it existed because I know how she started, which was theatre and on Broadway.

"But let’s just say I’ve seen a little bit of it; the film is going to blow everyone away. I’m very excited for what Jon Chu has done with the story and how he wants to present it, and the look of it is incredible."

Before becoming one of the world's biggest pop singers, Ariana made her professional debut in a production of '13' in 2008 and was then cast as Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon sitcom 'Victorious', alongside her Broadway co-star Elizabeth Gillies.

Kristin explained that the two-part musical-movie - which tells the backstory of 'The Wizard of Oz' and how the Wicked Witch of the West (Cynthia Erivio) came to be - will be "very special" and she is "proud" of the two leading actresses for making their own mark on their roles, after she and her Tony Award-winning co-star created the blueprint more than 20 years ago.

She added: "So it’s going to be very special, and I’m very proud of her and Cynthia as well. Because these parts, Idina and I put a pretty big stamp on those roles, but these girls are going to put their own stamp, and that’s what any artist should be allowed to do. I don’t like it when I go see a Broadway show and I see imitations of me or anybody else. I like for people to be allowed to find their own way, and Jon [Chu, director], that’s what he allowed and encouraged. And so therefore I think we’re going to have a new “Wicked” for the people, and I just can’t wait to see it."