Dating shouldn’t be done in the public eye, says Louis Partridge

Louis Partridge has revealed that he doesn't want to live his life in the public eye.



Louis Partridge is dating Olivia Rodrigo
Louis Partridge is dating Olivia Rodrigo

Louis Partridge doesn't want to live his love life "in the public eye".

The 20-year-old actor has been dating Olivia Rodrigo over recent months, but Louis wants to keep his romance out of the spotlight.

The 'Enola Holmes' star told British Vogue magazine: "Dating probably shouldn’t be done in the public eye.

"There’s enough going on between two people. You don’t need the voices of thousands of others in your head.

"I think she’s got it a lot worse than I have. I can be a bit of a normal person. She’s got tons and tons of eyes on her case."

Louis and Olivia's romance become a source of speculation in recent times. But the actor tries to ignore the online comments about their relationship.

He shared: "If there’s a load of people nattering in a room about you, you can choose to put your ear to the door to hear what they say or not. I think you’re probably better off not letting curiosity get the better of you."

Louis has enjoyed a meteoric rise over recent years. But the actor still loves spending time with his friends and family.

He said: "I don’t think my older sister really cares [about the fame]. My younger sister gets asked a lot of questions about me in school though. I think she gets a few street cred points."

The actor acknowledges that he's currently in the midst of a great moment in his life and his career.

The 'Argylle' star shared: "Twenty is a pretty golden age.

“I think it’s a great thing to be young. And a great thing to have a body that works. I’m grateful for where I am in life and everything that’s ahead, for better or for worse."