Tom Sandoval recalls feeling 'worried' for Rachel Leviss

'Vanderpump Rules' star Tom Sandoval has opened up about his last conversation with Rachel Leviss.



Tom Sandoval had a months-long affair with Rachel Leviss
Tom Sandoval had a months-long affair with Rachel Leviss

Tom Sandoval "worried" for Rachel Leviss amid her mental health struggles.

The 29-year-old beauty received treatment at a mental health facility in Arizona, after their months-long affair became public knowledge, and Rachel ultimately decided to cut Tom out of her life.

During the latest episode of 'Vanderpump Rules', Tom said: "The last time that I talked to Rachel she had stated that when people get done with this programme they will stay there and I told her I was like this is something you're going to have to face eventually. And the longer you stay there, the harder it's going to be.

"And she got mad at me, of course, because it became this thing where if I didn't 100 percent agree with everything they said to her, I was, you know, bad for her or something."

Rachel previously admitted that she's "ghosted" Tom in an effort to move on with her life.

The reality star explained that she made a concerted effort to distance herself from Tom, 40, after the scandal broke and she entered the mental health facility.

She said on her 'Rachel Goes Rogue' podcast: "I've been advised that that would be the best way for me to end it. Because if I tried to explain the reasons why I'm breaking up with him, he would figure out a way to get back into my good graces."

Rachel actually quit 'Vanderpump Rules' in 2023 in order to protect her "wellbeing".

She recently said on her podcast series: "People are claiming that I said I would not be watching season 11 of 'Vanderpump Rules' ... I did not say that.

"I said that watching it would be a trigger for me, that I have things in place to keep me emotionally regulated as I watch it and process it with a therapist.

"But I am watching the season because I am very much still a focal point of their narrative. I'm not just going to bury my head in the sand and ignore everything that's going on."