I've never felt better, says Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe has revealed that he's looking forward to his 60th birthday.



Rob Lowe has never felt better
Rob Lowe has never felt better

Rob Lowe has "never felt better" as he approaches his 60th birthday.

The Hollywood star will celebrate the landmark birthday on March 17, and Rob has revealed that he's in a great frame of mind at the moment.

Rob told PEOPLE: "Luckily, I've had some time as the run-up.

"I love the milestone birthdays, because it really is an opportunity to reflect and to think about where you want to go."

Rob hopes his life will continue in the same direction over the next decade.

He shared: "I'm so humbled and grateful that I have never had more things that are interesting to me going on in my life. Never felt better. My relationships and every level, I'm in the pocket and this is exactly the way I want to go into my next decade."

Rob also teased that he has "a lot" to look forward to in the coming years.

The movie star said: "I feel like I'm beginning a whole other chapter of my life.

"I will follow anything that satisfies my curiosity, where I can learn and where I can have some sort of an impact, whether it's movies, TVs, podcasts, books, business marketing, I'm in."

Meanwhile, Rob previously claimed that "science is catching up" to his health-conscious lifestyle.

The actor - who has been on the Atkins Diet for the last 30 years - told GQ magazine: "People used to make fun of me. But now the science is catching up - that it's more than beauty sleep. It’s brain sleep, it's body sleep, it’s focus.

"The other thing is, as a guy in my fifties, I'm training in a very different way than I used to. The hardest thing for me has been to train less. I would train every day if I could - and, frankly, kind of punishing myself. If I don’t feel like I've just killed myself in the gym, I feel like it's been wasted time.

"Turns out, that's not true - it's particularly not true when you're not in your twenties and thirties anymore."