JoJo Siwa warns fans about 'disturbing' new project

Former 'Dance Moms' star JoJo Siwa has warned fans that her new project "may be disturbing or offensive".



JoJo Siwa has teased a 'disturbing' change of direction
JoJo Siwa has teased a 'disturbing' change of direction

JoJo Siwa has warned fans that her new project "may be disturbing or offensive to some viewers".

The 20-year-old star - who first rose to fame on reality show 'Dance Moms' before finding success on YouTube with the launch of her channel nine years ago - has made it clear that whatever shes working on next will be a departure, and not suitable for all ages.

She shared a video on Instagram which warned: "The following content is not made for children, and may be disturbing or offensive to some viewers."

The clip noted that the project "may contain sexual themes, violence, strong language, traumatic scenarios and flashing lights", adding: "Viewer discretion is advised."

JoJo captioned the post: "Heads up".

The 'Boomerang' hitmaker's post has left fans divided, with some of her followers left confused about what to expect from her.

One fan commented: "I'm a little scared."

However, others insisted she should be able to grow as a performer.

A different follower argued: "Anyone mad about this needs to screw their head back on properly. She's almost 21. The era of catering to children is over."

Last year, JoJo - who has fronted a host of Nickelodeon projects over the years - took part in military-style challenge show 'Special Forces' on Fox, and admitted the experience taught her that perhaps she shouldn't be hiding at home to avoid being recognised by fans.

She told TooFab: "It's weird. I don't think I really realised how I felt until I was at 'Special Forces' and everything was gone, everything you know goes out the drain.

"I think being in that environment, where it was a full, complete shock really opened my eyes to what my life looks like at home.

"I wouldn't trade my life for anything but I just realised there's some things that are very important that I am choosing and making the conscious choice to not go to dinner with my family, to stay hidden in my room, just simple things because it's hard for me to go places.

"It's not like I'm gonna go to the grocery store and have a normal time and be able to push my cart. No, people are gonna be everywhere, it's going to be a whole thing, but that's just life.

"I love it. I got to miss it, versus it being all I knew. It really opened my eyes to a lot."