Billie Eilish 'felt like a damn failure' aged just 12

Billie Eilish has recalled feeling like she would never have a career after seeing 'Matilda the Musical'.



Billie Eilish shared some advice with young people who feel like they have no career prospects
Billie Eilish shared some advice with young people who feel like they have no career prospects

Billie Eilish "felt like a damn failure" aged just 12 because she didn't have a career.

The 22-year-old star - who won the Best Original Song Oscar for ballad 'What Was I Made For?' from 'Barbie' at Sunday's (10.03.24) ceremony in Hollywood - has recalled feeling like she was "never going to amount to anything" when she saw 'Matilda the Musical' on Broadway as a child.

She told press in the winner's room: “I remember being 12, believe it or not, and seeing this musical and sobbing my eyes out and thinking ‘damn I’m a failure’. I was watching Matilda on Broadway, it was amazing.

“I was balling, (thinking) I am never going to amount to anything because I am not in Matilda.

“Just give yourself some time, do what you love, and I know that is easier said than done, some of us don’t know what we love. You’ll figure it out.”

Offering her advice to young people, she then said: “Don’t do it for other people, don’t do it for the numbers or for some sort of specific thing, that is not really ever something anyone should be looking for.

“I want everyone to be doing something they feel passionate about and proud of and makes them feel like the best version of themselves.”

Appearing on stage to collect her second Academy Award - after previously winning Best Song for Bond theme 'No Time To Die' - at Los Angeles' Dolby Theatre alongside her collaborator, brother Finneas O'Connell, she said: "I had a nightmare about this last night. Thank you so much to the Academy, I didn't think this would happen, I was not expecting this, I feel so incredibly lucky and honoured.

"Thank you to Greta [Gerwig, Barbie director], I love you, I'm grateful for this song and this movie and the way it made me feel and this goes out to everyone who was affected by the movie and how incredible it is.

"I want to thank my team and my parents, I love you guys so much."

Billie is now the youngest person to have received two Oscars.