Emily Blunt recalls being inspired by Jaws

Hollywood star Emily Blunt has confessed to being inspired by 'Jaws'.



Emily Blunt has revealed her acting inspirations
Emily Blunt has revealed her acting inspirations

Emily Blunt was inspired to become an actress after watching 'Jaws'.

The 41-year-old star - who has been nominated for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar for her performance in 'Oppenheimer' - has revealed that her dad has played a huge role in her success by exposing her to movies like 'Jaws' at an early age.

The London-born star told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "My dad was always going to the video store to get really inappropriate films for all of us to watch.

"One of my first experiences was watching 'Jaws' at the age of seven, and he would pitch that it was for the whole family - but it was really for him and we would be terrified.

"It was one of my first memories of films and it’s still my favourite, even now. I must have seen it 35 times. The more you see it, the more you learn about how extraordinary it is."

Emily didn't have any formal acting training before breaking into the movie business. And the Oscar-nominated star has been forced to overcome her own insecurities in order to achieve success in Hollywood.

The acclaimed actress said: "I saw that it was a profession you needed to wear a helmet for, emotionally, and that it was going to be hard on you and hard on your soul.

"I love emphasising the fact that everybody’s path in this industry is different - and that’s OK. You could be formally trained, or you cannot be … it doesn’t matter as long as it feels right to you. And I had quite a lot of shame about that in the beginning, not having formal training.

"I felt kind of guilty and felt like I’d maybe missed out on a roadmap that would’ve been helpful when I felt a bit lost."