Harrison Ford listened to Indiana Jones theme during colonoscopy

Harrison Ford has revealed that John Williams' music follows him "everywhere".



Harrison Ford starred in the iconic film franchise
Harrison Ford starred in the iconic film franchise

Harrison Ford listened to the 'Indiana Jones' theme while having a colonoscopy.

The 81-year-old actor - who plays the titular character in the money-spinning film franchise - has revealed that he heard John Williams' well-known tune while undergoing the medical procedure.

Harrison - who made his latest appearance as the fictional professor in 2023's 'Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny' - told Variety: "As I often remind John, his music follows me everywhere I go - literally.

"When I had my last colonoscopy, they were playing it on the operating room speakers."

Despite this, Harrison actually enjoys attending John's scoring sessions.

The actor shared: "It’s a delight to see him work with the orchestra - just the pleasure of being able to sit in a room and process the remarkable attention that each beat of the music gets. And their respect for him and his respect for them is just so much fun to watch."

As well as being a movie star, Harrison is a licensed pilot and he remains hugely passionate about flying planes.

The Hollywood actor previously admitted that it's actually become a massive part of his life.

He told Esquire magazine: "I will not be buried under a stone that says actor. For me, flying is as important a part of my life as my business. It’s not like playing golf."

Harrison supports an organisation called Young Eagles, which take kids for half-hour flights to pique their interest in planes, and he feels really passionate about the endeavor.

He said: "When we take a kid up, we’re actually investing his voting mother and father in general aviation, which is different from commercial aviation.

"People don’t understand both the value and the contribution to the economy, and the community, that general aviation provides. General aviation - that’s the farmer who’s flying his produce to a farmers market, that’s the mechanic with his tools who’s flying out to fix another airplane, that’s a doctor in Montana who’s flying himself from clinic to clinic."