I'm obsessed with Lana Del Rey, says Ice Spice

Ice Spice has hailed Lana Del Rey as one of her favorite "hitmakers" of all time.



Ice Spice has revealed some of her inspirations
Ice Spice has revealed some of her inspirations

Ice Spice is "obsessed" with Lana Del Rey.

The 24-year-old rap star is a huge fan of the 38-year-old singer, describing Lana as one of her favorite "hitmakers" of all time.

Asked to name some of her favorite hitmakers, Ice - whose real name is Isis Gaston - told Billboard: "I would say Lana Del Rey - I’m obsessed with her, and I feel like all of her songs are hits, even the ones that aren’t as big as the others."

Ice also named the likes of Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj and Drake as some of her other favorite hitmakers.

The rapper added: "Rihanna, too. I have both [her and Del Rey’s] vinyls. Taylor Swift. Of course, Nicki Minaj. Drake. The list is long!"

Ice believes she can instantly tell whether a song has the potential to become a hit or not.

Asked what she listens for, Ice replied: "First, a really hard beat.

"If the beat doesn’t instantly move me - like if I don’t physically feel the beat of the speakers - then I’m just going to keep moving on to the next one. But as soon as I know, I know I have that beat. It’s up from there."

Meanwhile, Ice previously revealed that she welcomes tips and suggestions about her music.

The 'Bikini Bottom' hitmaker told the Guardian newspaper: "A lot of people try to encourage me to do certain sounds or try to be like: ‘Oh, you got to sample this,’ and I take everything with a grain of salt.

"In the beginning, I used to be like: ‘Why is everybody trying to tell me what to do?’ But then I started to realise, like, everybody just want to be part of something and contribute to something - so now I just appreciate it."