Margaret Qualley instantly knew Jack Antonoff was destined to be her husband

Margaret Qualley knew she would marry Jack Antonoff right away.



 ELLE UK / Tom Schirmacher
 ELLE UK / Tom Schirmacher

Margaret Qualley fell "head-over-heels in love right away" with Jack Antonoff and "knew" he was destined to be her husband.

The 'Maid' star and the musician and record producer got hitched in a star-studded wedding in August last year, after two years together, and she knew exactly when they would walk down the aisle.

Speaking to the April Issue of ELLE UK magazine - of which she is the cover star- she recalled: "I’d met Jack probably two weeks before, but I was head-over-heels in love right away. I had a sure, knowing feeling that he was my husband.

"I was talking about Jack and said to her [Chanel Creative Director, Virginie Viard], 'I think I’ve just met a man I’m going to marry. And, Virginie, if I’m right, will you make me my wedding dress?' I said, 'Give me two years...'"

The 29-year-old actress planned her dream wedding her whole life and when she met the 39-year-old Bleachers star, she felt he needed a "big wedding" as he has a lot of friends and family.

She shared: "I’ve always wanted to be married. I was that girly girl who would be on a walk with my sister fantasising about our weddings, or what our husbands would be like. But I don’t think I would have had as much of a big wedding if it weren’t for Jack. I wanted it to be big with him. It was, kind of, Jack needs a big wedding. And it seemed like it’d be more fun. He’s got so many great friends and a huge family, too. I think [weddings] are almost as much for your family and your friends as it is for you. It was sweet and special and just the most magical day of my life."

She went so hard at the bar after their nuptials that her Chanel Mary Jane ballet flats are worn.

Margaret - who has modelled for the luxury fashion house and is a house ambassador - said: "The after party was at this bar. And I think the dance floor can’t have been very clean, because the shoes are wrecked. But I love the way they look. I mean, we almost did a bit of an Amy Winehouse number on them. That’s what they remind me of now; those amazing beaten ballet flats that she’d walk around in. But mine are just from one night of dancing."

The 'Poor Things' admitted she "loves the security" of being married.

She explained: "I think we’ve kind of been operating like a married couple since the beginning, so it wasn’t a drastic change, but I really love the security of it. It would be hard for him to disentangle himself from me. I’m glad the law is involved."

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