'So afraid': Sofia Richie reveals pregnancy concern

Sofia Richie has been slathering herself in shea butter in a bid to avoid developing stretch marks during her pregnancy.



Sofia Richie is worried about stretch marks
Sofia Richie is worried about stretch marks

Sofia Richie is "so afraid" of getting stretch marks.

The 25-year-old model is seven months pregnant with her and husband Elliot Grainge's first child and she's been "obsessed" with slathering her growing belly in moisturising shea butter in a bit to avoid developing fine lines on the skin where it has been stretched by her changing shape.

In a video shared on TikTok, she said: "I am seven months pregnant and I have been figuring out things that work for me, that don't work for me, that have helped me.

"I am so afraid of getting stretch marks. I know it comes with the territory but I'm doing everything I can to prevent.

"So my doctor, when I first found out I was pregnant, she was like, 'I have this shea butter that people love.' I am obsessed. I've gone through like six tubs and ordered them."

Sofia has also found her skin has changed with pregnancy, and she hailed Tatch's Aburatorigami Japanese Blotting Papers, which retail at $14, a "lifesaver".

She said: “My skin has been so oily ever since I found out I was pregnant; I travel around with these … a lifesaver."

The social media star previously explained she didn't want to wear specialist maternity clothing during her pregnancy.

She told America's Vogue magazine: "I’m not really tapping into maternity wear at all, if anything, I’m just sizing up. I’m also not buying an entirely new wardrobe for this pregnancy.

"I’ve bought a few pairs of pants [trousers] in bigger sizes, but I’m wearing my same jackets, and sweaters, and trenches - I’m about to have some fun with it now that I can spread my wings and fly."

Sofia is expecting a baby girl and she revealed she's already been busy thinking up some stylish outfits for her.

She added: "From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I have been going crazy online. I have so many ideas - just cute and girly."