Wendy Williams' guardian files lawsuit against TV company

Wendy Williams' court-appointed guardian has filed a lawsuit against a TV company ahead of the release of a documentary about the ailing presenter.



Wendy Williams is at the centre of a legal dispute
Wendy Williams is at the centre of a legal dispute

Wendy Williams' guardian has filed a lawsuit ahead of the release of a documentary about the ailing TV star.

New Lifetime's film 'Where Is Wendy Williams?' is set to examine Wendy's life as she battles health conditions including primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia while under the care of a guardian, but the court-appointed representative has now filed suit against Lifetime's parent company, A E Television Networks.

TMZ.com reports the suit was filed by a woman named as Sabrina Morrissey, who is requesting a temporary restraining order as part of the filing, but further details of the case are being kept sealed.

A hearing to determine whether the documents filed as part of the case should remain sealed has been set for next week.

However, a source has told PEOPLE.com the suit is linked to the upcoming documentary, explaining: "The new lawsuit appears to be filed as an attempt to prohibit the airing of the upcoming documentary 'Where Is Wendy Williams?'"

Mark Ford, the executive producer of the documentary, has insisted the film was given the green light by Wendy's representatives.

He told PEOPLE: "Wendy's attorneys and the guardianship attorneys were consulted and signed off on [the project].

"The film was signed off on by Wendy, her management, her attorneys, the guardianship. They were aware of the filming all the way through.

"So, we did go by the book and get all the permissions that we needed to get. We went into this film thinking it was one thing, and the truth turned out to be another.

"Once we started seeing the truth of the situation, we couldn't ignore it. And the film had to go in the direction of the truth."

Filming on the documentary started in August 2022 following Wendy as she prepared to make a comeback with a new podcast, but was halted after the TV star suffered serious health issues and entered a care facility in April 2023.

A court in New York appointed a legal guardian to take charge of Wendy's affairs in May 2022. The TV star is believed to still be living in a care facility.

Wendy, 59, was diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia - a rare condition that affects the nervous system and inhibits the ability to communicate - and frontotemporal dementia - which affects personality, behaviour and language - last year.

Her care team said in a statement: "Over the past few years, questions have been raised at times about Wendy's ability to process information and many have speculated about Wendy's condition, particularly when she began to lose words, act erratically at times, and have difficulty understanding financial transactions.

"In 2023, after undergoing a battery of medical tests, Wendy was officially diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia (FTD).

"Aphasia, a condition affecting language and communication abilities, and frontotemporal dementia, a progressive disorder impacting behaviour and cognitive functions, have already presented significant hurdles in Wendy's life.

"Wendy would not have received confirmation of these diagnoses were it not for the diligence of her current care team, who she chose, and the extraordinary work of the specialists at Weill Cornell Medicine. Receiving a diagnosis has enabled Wendy to receive the medical care she requires."

The TV star has battled a number of health issues over recent years, including Graves' disease and lymphedema.

However, Wendy - who hosted 'The Wendy Williams Show' between 2008 and 2021 - hopes to "raise awareness about aphasia and frontotemporal dementia" by sharing her diagnosis with the public. The statement added: "Wendy is still able to do many things for herself. Most importantly she maintains her trademark sense of humour and is receiving the care she requires to make sure she is protected and that her needs are addressed. She is appreciative of the many kind thoughts and good wishes being sent her way."