Nothing in the bushes! Liam Gallagher couldn't find sex swappers at French home

Former Oasis star Liam Gallagher has revealed that he went searching for doggers in the grounds of his French Riviera holiday home.



Liam Gallagher went on an unusual search at his holiday home in the French Riviera
Liam Gallagher went on an unusual search at his holiday home in the French Riviera

Liam Gallagher went hunting for people dogging in the grounds of his holiday home in France.

The former Oasis frontman saw reports that sex swappers were getting frisky near his property located on the French Riviera, so he decided to investigate what was going on.

Despite his best detective efforts, the 'Morning Glory' singer didn't catch anyone in the act.

Speaking to MOJO magazine, he said: "There are no doggers, no sex people.

"I went round the grounds looking."

Aside from looking for cavorting couples, Liam loves being at his French chateau - which he purchased for £4 million French ­from British TV star Noel Edmonds - and spent the whole summer at the property with his fiancée Debbie Gwyther.

He added: "There’s an Irish bar around the corner, a lobster shack down the road.

“I can sit in with Debbie, get absolutely rat-arsed, and nobody turns around and says ‘Are you that b***end from Oasis?’ And the weather is nice.”

In the same interview with the music publication, Liam - who releases his collaborative album with former Stone Roses guitarist John Squire on March 1 - also revealed that his estranged brother and ex-bandmate Noel Gallagher turned down a big money offer to reform Oasis as he was finalising his divorce from second wife Sara MacDonald.

Liam said: "Noel? He ain't doing it.

"I did call him! Well, my people called Noel’s management team. We put an offer on the table for an Oasis thing – because we got offered it — and he said no.

"It was a big tour, a lot of money. He turned it down. I get it, he’s got a divorce going down. I’ll do the 'Definitely Maybe' thing and have a nice time without him."