Adele has 'very meme-able face'

Adele has explained the viral moment of her looking thoroughly unimpressed at a basketball game in 2022.



Adele thinks she has a meme-able face
Adele thinks she has a meme-able face

Adele thinks she has a "very meme-able face".

The 'Skyfall' singer went viral almost two years ago when she appeared disinterested and refused to make eye contact with the camera while sitting courtside at an NBA game back in 2022, and she's now explained that she was "sulking" because she'd asked not to be filmed while her partner, sports agent Rich Paul, had left his seat to network.

Speaking during her Las Vegas residency, she told the audience: “Do you remember that viral meme of me looking like I don’t give a flying f***?

“I know it sounds crazy, but I really don’t like being famous, right? So, obviously I know I’m sitting courtside at a basketball game, you’re asking for it, whatever.

“So obviously, I know I’m sitting courtside at a basketball game, whatever. But Rich was working the room and, you know, talking to other players and people. I was fine. I didn’t mind. I was just there on my own, looking for Michael Jordan, to be honest with you.”

The 35-year-old star told how she had begged not to be put on the screens, particularly because it came shortly after she had cancelled the start of her residency at the last minute.

She continued: "The people with the camera came and asked me twice. They were like, ‘Do you mind if we film you? Can we put you on the screen?’ I said, ‘Please don’t. Please don’t. I just canceled Vegas, I really don’t want to.’ They came back and they filmed me...

“I didn’t realise they were airing it on TV. I thought it was just in the room! But anyway, I just wanted to give some context, because I was ignoring, looking everywhere but in the camera, because I was very annoyed because I asked not to be filmed. But I guess I was asking for it by going.”

Adele hilariously admitted she understood why people thought she looked "like a different person" due to her unimpressed expression.

She said: “The reason my lips look like I had filler — because I have naturally big lips and don’t need filler — the reason I looked like a different person was because I was sulking. Because I was like: ‘These motherf****** have come back and are filming me against my will.’ "

She then concluded: “My face is just very meme-able, I can’t help it.”