Pamela Anderson recalls being 'painfully shy' before finding fame

Pamela Anderson claims that she struggled with shyness during her younger years.



Pamela Anderson struggled with shyness during her younger years
Pamela Anderson struggled with shyness during her younger years

Pamela Anderson was "painfully shy" during her younger years.

The 56-year-old actress - who played the part of 'C.J.' Parker on 'Baywatch' in the 90s - has claimed that the public's perception of her doesn't really chime with the reality.

Reflecting on her personal journey, Pamela - who became a sex symbol on the back of her 'Baywatch' fame - told Allure: "I’ve always felt like there’s a little monster inside of me that I need to get out, I need to share.

"I’ve been trying and I’ve begun to feel closest to it … and it’s peeling back everything and trying to remember what my original thoughts are … It’s not just about makeup, taking off the mask, but it’s about why am I here, what’s my purpose, why do I resonate with people, can I help in any way?"

Asked if she has a name for the "little monster", the actress replied: "Little Pamela Anderson that’s always been very mischievous and creative and lived in her imagination.

"[That feeling] it’s just volcanic.

"I was painfully shy … I wouldn’t [even] wear a bathing suit … I knew I had to jump off a bridge to get to … [release it]."

Pamela appeared makeup-free at Paris Fashion Week in 2023.

The actress has now revealed her motivation for her makeup-free look, insisting she wasn't making a "political statement".

The Hollywood star - who previously modelled for Playboy magazine - said: "I did that for myself. It wasn't to make a political statement, I just wanted to have my little weird face sticking out of the top of those great clothes ... why am I playing the game?"

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