Matt Smith 'in no rush' to settle down

Actor Matt Smith has admitted he's 'in no rush' to settle down and he's constantly fending off questions about his love life from his mum



Matt Smith has opened up about his love life
Matt Smith has opened up about his love life

Matt Smith is "in no rush" to settle down.

The 'House of the Dragon' star - who previously dated 'Cinderella' actress Lily James - tries to keep his love life out of the spotlight and rarely talks about his romances but Matt, 41, has now admitted he's got no plans to tie himself down even though his mum is constantly quizzing him about his relationship status.

When asked if he has any plans to settle down, he told the Guardian newspaper: "Oh, my mum asks me that every day. I don’t know, I don’t know … I’m in no rush at the moment."

Matt went on to insist his beloved Irish terrier Bobby is the "anchor" of his life, adding: "Dogs are a wonderful thing."

He also talked about his family and credited his late dad with giving him the motivation to work hard at everything in his life. Matt added: "I think my dad instilled hard work in me: you know, the idea that you should always work harder than the person next to you in a team.

"He was from the north, and hugely loving, but there was a toughness in his love, which I feel really grateful for. I am hard-working, but I’m also better with structure in my life. That’s a good environment for me."

Matt has previously admitted he can be tough to live with because he's very indecisive. He told Esquire magazine: "I always seem to find myself dithering things out ... I’m a ... nightmare to live with, let me tell you … I’m lucky, though. I’ve got friends and family who’ll try to pull my head out of my a*** as much as possible."

He admitted having children in the future may stop him "dithering" so much. Matt added to the publication: "I would imagine having children allows this all to fade away a bit.

"Because there just isn’t the time ... There isn’t the time to be so self-involved, not if someone needs to go to school or they’ve got spaghetti hoops up their nose."

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