Grammy Awards: SZA emotional over win

SZA broke down in tears as she reflected on how she has come "really, really far" to win at the Grammy Awards.



SZA was emotional about her win
SZA was emotional about her win

SZA joked she is "not an attractive crier" as she accepted the Best R+B Song Grammy Award on Sunday (04.02.24).

The 34-year-old singer picked up her third award of the night, taking the accolade for her hit 'Snooze' - which beat out competition from Coco Jones ('ICU'), Halle ('Angel'),

Robert Glasper ft. Sir and Alex Isley ('Back to Love') and Victoria Monet ('On My Mama') and growing emotional after running into the arms of Lizzo, who presented her with the trophy.

Discussing her friendship with the 'Juice' hitmaker, she said: "Lizzo and I have been friends since 2013 when we were both on a tiny Red Bull tour together, opening up in small rooms for like 100 people and to be on this stage with her is so amazing, I'm so grateful."

She then grew more emotional as she thanked a string of people.

She continued: "I would like to thank my parents, God, Top Dog, Punch, all my team, to my godparents, to my niece... I'm sorry, I'm just really overwhelmed. You don't really understand, I came really, really far and I can't believe this is happening and it feels very fake - hi Taylor, I love you - I'm just very grateful this is happening, I'm not an attractive crier. Have a good evening."

SZA admitted at the start of her speech she was out of breath having rushed over following a costume change after her performance, but had had time for a quick celebratory drink.

The 'Kill Bill' hitmaker said: "I'm sorry, I'm out of breath because I was changing and then I took a shot and I ran here."