Dolph Lundgren will 'cherish special memories with Carl Weathers'

Movie star Dolph Lundgren has taken to Instagram to pay tribute to Carl Weathers.



Dolph Lundgren has fond memories of working with Carl Weathers
Dolph Lundgren has fond memories of working with Carl Weathers

Dolph Lundgren has "special memories" of working with Carl Weathers.

The 66-year-old actor played Ivan Drago in 'Rocky IV', and he's taken to Instagram to pay tribute to his former co-star, who died aged 76 on Thursday (02.01.24).

Dolph wrote on the photo-sharing platform: "I was saddened to hear the news this morning. Along with the world, I will miss Carl. He was a great actor, a terrific athlete and a good friend. I cherish many special memories of Carl, both professionally and personally. Like Apollo Creed, he had that special charm that always brought a smile to your face. [prayer emoji] (sic)"

Elsewhere, Gina Carano has taken to X to pay tribute to her former 'Mandalorian' co-star, who played Greef Karga in the 'Star Wars' spin-off series.

Gina, 41, wrote on the micro-blogging platform: "Carl was a mentor to me on set, he would put both his arms on my shoulders and look me directly in the eyes to calm my spirit. He had a wonderful perspective of telling a story that can only come through his experience and wisdom that he shared with me to help make me shine. I cherish those moments.

"I adored making him laugh, I always wanted to figure out how to make him smile, where the corner of his mouth would start to crack and I knew I had him, then out came his bellowing laugh. His laugh I can hear clearly now. His laugh that I will miss dearly.

"His big booming voice echoed throughout the stage and you just knew, this is what a movie star truly is.

"He obviously shined on screen but man did he light up with such passion in that directors chair.

"I’m going to miss my friend and mentor and that mischievous little sparkle in his eye. He was one of the greats and quite a ground breaker. I am flooded by all the precious memories we had together."

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