I want to focus on fatherhood, says Kieran Culkin

Kieran Culkin is eager to spend some quality time with his family in the coming weeks.



Kieran Culkin is keen to focus on his family
Kieran Culkin is keen to focus on his family

Kieran Culkin is keen to focus on fatherhood following the end of 'Succession'.

The 41-year-old actor enjoyed huge success playing Roman Roy in the hit HBO drama series, but Kieran is now keen to focus on his family life.

Kieran - who has Wilder Wolf, two, and Kinsey Sioux, four, with his wife Jazz Charton - told The Hollywood Reporter: "I’m really looking forward to it when I get home because the last couple weeks I haven’t really been much of a parent."

Kieran plans to shut himself off from the outside world for one week while he focuses on his family.

He said: "I’m going to turn the world off for about a week and just be a dad. ‘Did you read the email?’ No, I did not. [I’m doing] nothing at all, except just diapers and bath time and stuff for like a week."

Kieran also revealed that he actually enjoyed himself during the writers' strike in 2023, because it allowed him to spend more time at home.

The actor shared: "It had been really … probably shouldn’t say, I don’t care… lovely for me. I’d been hiding behind it. I’m like, ‘No work? Fantastic.'"

Kieran won the award for Best Actor in a Television Series - Drama at the Golden Globes for 'Succession' .

The Hollywood star recently revealed that his gong was sitting between his kids' Sesame Street stuffed animals.

He told Variety: "My kids have these two little stuffies of Bert and Ernie, so the Globe is currently between Bert and Ernie."

Kieran later explained why a Big Bird animal hasn't joined the collection.

He joked: "The problem with the Big Bird stuffie is he's the same size as all the others. Grover, Elmo, you got all of them. They're all the same size and I wanted to get a Big Bird, but it's not big."

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