'I did have a bit of a cry': Melanie Lynskey forced to miss Emmys as she tested positive for COVID-19

Melanie Lynskey was gutted to miss the Emmys after contracting coronavirus.



Melanie Lynskey and her little girl have COVID-19
Melanie Lynskey and her little girl have COVID-19

Melanie Lynskey was left tearful as she was forced to miss the Emmy Awards after testing positive for COVID-19.

The 'Yellowjackets' star was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series - which went to 'Succession' star Sarah Snook – at the Hollywood bash on Monday (15.01.24), but after her five-year-old daughter came home with a temperature, they both ended up having the virus, meaning Melanie's custom Christian Siriano dress had to stay in the closet.

The 46-year-old star shared on Instagram: "So my little one came home from school on Friday and wanted to have a cuddle with mama.

"As we were cuddling and talking about her day, I noticed she was really warm. After the cuddles, we did a Covid test, and sure enough, she was positive. Eventually, so was I. We are both feeling fine, by the way!"

Melanie was not willing to put other people at risk, even though it felt “painful” to miss out on the glitzy bash, the kind of event she used to dream of going to.

She continued: "But I’m giving out our personal medical information to let everyone know why I’m not attending the Emmys tonight! I would never want to put anyone’s health at risk, much as I want to celebrate.

"For many years, these types of amazing events were not a part of my life, and to finally be invited to the party and not get to go is painful! This is the greatest honour of my career, and there was a team of amazing people who were going to get me ready today. Plus I had an absolutely beautiful dress made for me by the genius @csiriano- my favourite dress I’ve ever put on, and designed so I’d be comfy at the after-parties."

Melanie cheered on her fellow nominees and her 'Yellowjacket' co-stars in her pyjamas and admitted she was "pinching myself" to be nominated alongside her talented peers.

She also shared a touching gesture by her little girl, who drew her a picture that she posted to remind her mom she is loved by her and her husband, Jason Ritter, as Melanie wept over the positive test.

The ‘Two and a Half Men’ star concluded: "And to explain the picture- I did have a bit of a cry when my test came up positive, and was sitting despondently on the stairs when my daughter handed me this. One page says that she loves me, and the other page says that Dada loves me, and then there’s a mama snail and baby snails (???). Anyway. It reminded me of all that is important in my world. I would choose cuddling my feverish little one every time, even if it means missing a night like tonight (sic)"

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