Succession ended at the perfect time, says Brian Cox

Brian Cox has revealed that he loved playing Logan Roy on 'Succession'.



Married duo Nicole Ansari and Brian Cox at the Emmys
Married duo Nicole Ansari and Brian Cox at the Emmys

Brian Cox thinks 'Succession' ended at the perfect time.

The 77-year-old actor played Logan Roy on the HBO series for five years, and Brian thinks the hit TV show concluded at the ideal time.

Brian told PEOPLE before the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on Monday (01.15.24): "I think we ended it at the right time. I think we left people ... I think it's always good to leave people wanting [more]. You know, that people want more."

Brian loved playing Logan on the popular TV show. However, he's insisted that the patriarch of the Roy family is a deeply misunderstood character.

Brian explained: "I loved playing Logan, I really did. But I thought he was one of the most misunderstood characters ever.

"He was rough and he was crude and he told people like it is ... but all he wanted was for his own family to take over but none of them were up to the mark, you know?"

Brian even teased that 'Succession' - which also starred the likes of Jeremy Strong and Kieran Culkin - could even be revived at some stage in the future.

He explained: "You know, there is a theory that Logan may not be dead. We never saw the body, so that is an advantage."

Meanwhile, Brian previously admitted that the popularity of 'Succession' has caused him to lose his "anonymity".

The actor conceded that the show has changed his life in a dramatic way.

He told the Irish Times newspaper: "It’s a global success. And I am now recognised wherever I go.

"I’ve lost my anonymity, which I had for … um … Well, I’ve been in the business for 60 years and certainly for more than 50 years of that I had anonymity."

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