Samantha Hanratty teases 'dramatic' season three of Yellowjackets

Samantha Hanratty has warned fans to brace themselves for season three of 'Yellowjackets'.



Samantha Hanratty stars in the TV drama series
Samantha Hanratty stars in the TV drama series

Samantha Hanratty thinks season three of 'Yellowjackets' will be more dramatic than ever.

The 28-year-old actress plays Misty in the Showtime drama series, and Samantha has warned fans to brace themselves for a drama-filled season three of the hit TV show.

Speaking on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on Monday (01.15.24), Samantha told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I'm gonna put it out there that season one is chaotic and messy, season two is like still cold and dark and it was winter, and then this one was the meltdown.

"You're going to see the melting of like what these people are and really get to see like the broness of these girls."

Juliette Lewis will not return for season three of the hit show, after her character, Natalie, died at the end of season two.

Samantha loved working with Juliette, 50, on the set of 'Yellowjackets'.

She said: "Juliette Lewis is such a fantastic actress that [it] really breaks my heart. They're such a big part of the show.

"I think that with that grief, it's gonna bring out a lot of interesting levels of the other characters and I'm really excited to see that."

Meanwhile, Steven Krueger - who plays Coach Ben - has predicted that season three of the show will be more wild than ever.

The actor suggested that the upcoming season of the acclaimed thriller - which premiered in November 2021 - could be the "bloodiest" yet.

He said: "I think season three will probably be the wildest, bloodiest season that we have. Granted, we don't know anything to be fair. I'm just guessing that's where it's going."

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