The Crown star Dominic West wants new series after finale

Dominic West has admitted he would love 'The Crown' to return for a new series - but with a twist.



Dominic West wants more of The Crown
Dominic West wants more of The Crown

Dominic West wants 'The Crown' to return for a new series.

The 54-year-old actor - who played a younger version of King Charles in the Netflix period drama, with the sixth and final season ending when the then-prince married Camilla in 2005 - would love to return to the show in a prequel about the monarch's great-great-grandfather Edward VII.

Asked about reprising his role as the reigning monarch, he told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I don't think [writer Peter Morgan' will do that.

"We can't get too close to the present day. I think he's more likely to go back to someone like Edward VII.

"God, I'd love to play him."

Dominic joked it was a struggle getting used to life after the show, and no longer being treated like royalty.

He quipped: "It's not easy. You get used to people bowing to you, and then you go home and your kids, no one's bowing any more.

"It's not an easy thing to give up. I'm going to miss him."

The show has enjoyed a huge amount of success, and the actor was surprised by how "widespread" its impact is.

He explained: "I was amazed how widespread it is. It's very big in Colombia. It's very big in Egypt.

"Saudi loves it, Ireland loves it, which I was quite surprised at. I know Ireland pretty well and it's big in Ireland.

"You do these junkets and you realise actually the reach of it is bigger than you think."

Last month, Dominic admitted he felt conflicted about playing Charles in the show.

He told BBC 5 Live: "Someone like me can't turn down a part like Charles. He's so interesting. He's so complex.

"I did agonise for a while about it, but my wife tells me the result was always inevitable."

Dominic also felt some "discomfort" about making a show about the royal family.

He explained: "I acknowledge that there's discomfort about it, and I can see why people think that way, and I have persuaded myself that the royal family are public property and therefore fair game.

"But I'm still uncomfortable with the thought of anyone being fair game or anyone's private life being made public."