Child stardom transformed my life, says Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster has opened up on her experience of child stardom, admitting that it changed her life.



Jodie Foster has discussed her experience of child stardom
Jodie Foster has discussed her experience of child stardom

Jodie Foster's "universe" was "altered" by child stardom.

The 61-year-old actress shot to fame as a child, starring in various well-known films in the early 70s, and Jodie now believes that fame has changed her life.

She told Guardian newspaper: "There is a meta-weirdness to having been a public figure from the time you were young, right? Especially if you have stayed being an actor."

Jodie has actually learned some "hard lessons" from her early experiences of fame.

She explained: "Being a public figure, your universe is altered and you just don’t know anything else. And you don’t know that you’re a blowhard, and that you’re not a good friend, and that you never show up, because people indulge you. So there are hard lessons you have to learn.

"There’s something Hugh Grant said, which I thought was right on: that the fame thing at a young age is like being shot up with steroids and you live with those big muscles your whole life, and then, one day, you make the decision that there are no more steroids. And you don’t recognise yourself and have no idea who you are. And you have to rebuild an entire identity.

"That can be difficult, and that’s something I had to learn late."

Last year, Jodie admitted that she missed out on "a lot of experiences" because of her fame.

The actress regrets that she didn't have more "pure experiences".

She told Interview magazine: "When I was a kid, I really wanted to go to Disneyland and not be recognised. It’s not that people bothered me and it’s not like I would not respond or take pictures. It was just that I wanted a pure experience.

"There are actually a lot of experiences that I now recognise I missed out on a bit. I don’t think I realised it in my twenties and thirties, but there are pure experiences that I couldn’t have because I bring baggage to the table."