Justin Long hints at having children with wife Kate Bosworth

Justin Long spoke to their hypothetical brood, sparking speculation the pair would like to start a family.



Justin Long spoke to their hypothetical children about writing 'soppy' posts about their mom online
Justin Long spoke to their hypothetical children about writing 'soppy' posts about their mom online

Justin Long has hinted at starting a family with Kate Bosworth.

The 45-year-old actor paid a heartwarming tribute to his fellow actress wife as she turned 41 on Tuesday (02.01.24), in which he suggested having children is in their future as he explained to his hypothetical kids why he likes to pen "soppy" posts about their mom on social media.

He began by sharing his wife's favourite memories along with a video documenting the couple's special moments together, writing: "When you were 40 you swam under a waterfall in a rainforest. You fell in love with your first silent retreat and the last Beatles song. You felt a playful poltergeist shake your bed in Stockbridge, and you made so many people smile with your warmth and curiosity. You rode horses again and they helped you heal. You took me to a place in the world that I’d wondered about since I can first remember wondering about the world and we marveled together at the ancient giant tortoises. You came to respect and even embrace the changing nature of things. You swam with a sea Lion in the Galapagos waters that felt close to something divine. You counted the hawks in the skies across Missouri. You continued to walk the coals of loss with courage and strength I’ll remember forever. You saw a federal judge on vacation dancing a solo conga line to “Mambo #5” and it made you laugh and it inspired you."

Getting more personal, he continued: "You overwhelmed a boy when you first called him “husband” and made him feel luckier than he’s ever felt. You heard Paul Simon say that the listener completes the song and you were struck by this insight. You were struck by many things and you loved deeply."

Speaking to their hypothetical children, he went on: "One day our kids might ask me “Dad, why did you write sappy things about Mom on that old Instagram app? The one you won’t let us use?”

And I’ll say “Well, _____, because there are a lot of poisonous things on the Internet but your mom always inspires me to put good things into the world. Besides, i know reading those old posts touched her and made her smile. And I’ve been so blessed to have experienced so many fun, wondrous things in this life - things for which I’ll never be able to properly express my gratitude - but of all those joys, touching your Mom and making her smile are my favorites."

They might say “Ew!”

Or “Why?”

And I’d say “Because she completed all of your Dad’s favorite love songs. Even ones he hadn’t thought about since he was a kid. Like the theme song of a TV show he loved called FAMILY TIES. There was a line in that song that went like this ‘…and there ain’t no nothin’ we can’t love each other through…’ And one year, when she was 40, your Mom completed that song too. She’s simply the best” (sic)"

The loved-up duo tied the knot in May 2023.