Pink slams troll who called her 'old'

Pink tackled an ageist comment by saying she is proud to annoy "complete strangers" on the internet.



Pink loves that she annoys 'strangers' on the internet
Pink loves that she annoys 'strangers' on the internet

Pink took on a social media troll who slammed her as "old".

The 44-year-old pop idol reacted to the user who said the 'So What?' hitmaker has "got old" by reminding them it is a privilege to live a long life and quipped that she gets a kick out of annoying "strangers just by existing".

She hit back on X (formerly Twitter): "Yes, although I don’t feel old, and I still get to wear a leotard to work, growing older is actually my first “grateful” every day. What a blessing to have life, years.

To be this strong, to be able

To still [redacted] off complete strangers just by existing. [redacted] yeah times 44!"

The 'Just Like Fire' hitmaker recently mocked a troll who used an Eddie Izzard photo to wish her a happy birthday.

Pink celebrated her 44th birthday in September and slammed the "hateful" post which compared her and the 61-year-old comedian's looks on social media.

She replied: "Thank you so much. I just showed my 12 year old daughter your post.

"I explained to her that I’ve never met you, I don’t know you, and I have no idea why you would go out of your way to be hateful.

"It was a good lesson in ignorance. Thank you. I still don’t know you. Congrats. You’re no one."

She pointed out that despite some "anonymous, lonely" people sending hate on social media, a lot of others are "rad".

The singer continued: "What these kind of people are are anonymous, lonely, And Miserable. But most people are smart, good, and rad."

And Pink also insisted the troll could have chosen a much "worse" photo to try and insult her with, rather than choosing the picture of Eddie from her appearance at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards in July 2022.

She added: “MOST IMPORTANTLY - what a wasted opportunity here.

"There are so many pictures you could’ve chosen that were actually me that were worse than this picture, you nameless f***o. At least be creative next time dum dum.”

Earlier this year, Eddie - who has used she/her pronouns since 2020 - revealed she has added Suzy to her moniker after wanting the name since she was 10 years old.

Speaking at a recording of Matt Forde’s 'Political Party' podcast, the comedian and politician said: "I’m Eddie. There’s another name I’m going to add in as well, which is Suzy, which I wanted to be since I was 10.

"I’m going to be Suzy Eddie Izzard. That’s how I’m gonna roll so people can choose what they want, they can’t make a mistake, they can’t go wrong."