'I get really bad seasonal depression': Adele explains why she chooses LA over London

Adele likes living in Los Angeles because the sunshine helps her seasonal depression.



Adele loves living in Los Angeles
Adele loves living in Los Angeles

Adele won't move back to London because the Los Angeles weather helps her depression.

The 35-year-old singer - who has 11-year-old son Angelo with ex-husband Simon Konecki and is rumoured to have recently tied the knot with sports agent Rich Paul - moved to California in 2016 and not only does she appreciate the fact her privacy is respected there, she thinks avoiding the gloomy England winters has helped to combat the low mood she typically experiences at that time of year.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: "It’s still sometimes strange, but I like it because I get left alone in LA, which sounds weird. And for anyone that has never been to LA, you assume it would be the opposite.

"But there are so many famous people here that they don’t waste their time. Because if I see I’m being followed, I’ll cancel my day and I’ll drive out to Palm Springs and back. I wouldn’t say it can be frenzied sometimes elsewhere, but it’s just, I’ve got 20 minutes wherever. 'Is that Adele?' By the time they realise it is, I’ve got to leave. And I just don’t get that here.

"I get really bad seasonal depression, so the weather is good for me here. It is strange sometimes, because I’m very British."

And the 'I Drink Wine' hitmaker is thankful she's made a group of non-famous friends in the city.

She added: "Because it’s a bit harder for me to go out nowadays, what I love the most about LA is everyone goes to each other’s houses. I like that.

"And I actually have made a lot of really great core friends. I didn’t think I’d ever have a real friend group here. I don’t want a bunch of celebrities being my friends — well, only [celebrities]. And [my friends are] actually from LA, which again, before I moved here, I never met one person who was from LA. They’re not famous and they’re great.

"And having a kid at school, I’ve got great mum friends. But I do like it."

But singing her 2008 single 'Hometown Glory' makes Adele emotional because she "really misses" her home city, though she admitted it is the life she had before fame that she longs for.

She said of the track: "It makes me very emotional. I really miss London, but I miss the London from before all of this happened in my life.

"remember it like it was yesterday, when I wrote that song. I still feel like it’s my baby.

"And I don’t think everyone knows, but I wrote it the day after I went to my first ever protest. In London, the UK, we were annoyed at Tony Blair because he was going to war with Iraq.

"It was like a million-people turnout in London, and we’re marching, and I was 16, and me and my friend Olivia went. We made our placard, and it felt so powerful."