Nicki Minaj has found 'peace' with her body

Nicki Minaj has confessed to having a "silly" attitude towards her body during her younger years.



Nicki Minaj has found peace with her appearance
Nicki Minaj has found peace with her appearance

Nicki Minaj rejects body positivity when it leads to "unhealthy bodies".

The 40-year-old rap star has previously undergone cosmetic surgery in a bid to achieve her ideal body - but Nicki now accepts that her earlier attitude was just "silly".

Speaking to Vogue, Nicki explained: "I’m not in favor of body positivity if it means unhealthy bodies.

"That’s bull. It’s not believable, so let’s stop pretending.

"Recently, I had to get a breast reduction, and actually I love it. I used to want a bigger butt, and now I look back and realize how silly that was. So - love your curves, and love your non-curves. There’s nothing wrong with any of it."

Nicki has found "peace" with her own appearance in recent years.

The 'Anaconda' hitmaker - who has a huge following on social media - shared: "I just looked at a video that I posted on Instagram when I was 25, and I would f****** pay to look like that right now. But today I can say that I’m at peace with who I am and how I look."

Despite this, Nicki felt a pressure to regain her pre-pregnancy figure after giving birth to her son.

The chart-topping rap star - who gave birth to her son, who is publicly known as Papa Bear, three years ago - added: "It’s gotten so easy to be alone physically, where young people spend 12, 16 hours a day in their rooms on their phones, looking at these false realities, comparing themselves.

"I’ve seen artists gone way too soon, and I wonder if that could have been avoided if they’d just had the chance to talk about what they were going through."

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