Kyle Richards upsets 'estranged' husband Mauricio Umansky in tattoo drama

Kyle Richards regrets telling her estranged husband's mom he has a tattoo, as she opens up on marriage issues.



Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards have had a rocky time
Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards have had a rocky time

Kyle Richards didn't impress her “estranged” husband Mauricio Umansky when she told his mom he has a tattoo.

The 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star got her spouse - from whom she was rumoured to have separated from in July but still lives with - riled up when she shared their secret ink with his mother, Estella Sneider, as they are Jewish and permanent body art is forbidden in Judaism.

On Wednesday's (01.11.23) episode of the Bravo show, the family attended their daughter Portia's 15th birthday, and Kyle asked her other half: “Do your parents know I have a tattoo, and you have one too?”

He simply replied: “No.”

A little while later, Kyle confessed all to Estella, however, she didn't appear to be bothered, asking: “Didn’t you do a tattoo for Mauricio?”

Kyle replied: “Did I put his name? No. That’s a jinx anyway.”

She then asked her mother-in-law: “Do you know your son has one?”

It didn't go down well with Mauricio at all as he fumed at Kyle: “What is wrong with you?!”

Trying to reassure him that Estella didn't take offence,  Mauricio went on: “But still, why would I not be allowed to do that? What is up with that?”

Kyle soon regretted telling her after her husband's reaction.

In a confessional, she said: “Why did I open my mouth?

“I thought, ‘Oh, OK, it will be funny in the moment. Wait to see her reaction.’ But now, his reaction, I really wish I had not said anything.”

Estella then quizzed Kyle on the rumours spreading online that the pair's marriage was on the rocks, and she reassured her that there was nothing to worry about.

However, she did admit they were "having a hard time".

In another confessional, she said: “I’m very taken aback that my mother-in-law is asking me this right now tonight. Yes, Mo and I have been having a hard time, but the picture of me without my ring has nothing to do with that. I’ve still been wearing a wedding band.”

Kyle and Mauricio - who tied the knot in 1996 - also have Alexia, 27, and Sophia, 23, together.

The reality star is also mother to 35-year-old Farrah, whom she has with her first husband Guraish Aldjufrie.

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