Schitt's Creek star Emily Hampshire apologises for 'insensitive' Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Halloween costume

Emily Hampshire "regrets" dressing up as a Johnny Depp for Halloween.



Emily Hampshire regrets the 'insensitive' Halloween outfit choice
Emily Hampshire regrets the 'insensitive' Halloween outfit choice

'Schitt's Creek' star Emily Hampshire has apologised for dressing up as Johnny Depp and Amber Heard with a friend for Halloween.

The 42-year-old actress donned fake tattoos, a moustache, and a Depp-style suit whilst her friend went as the 60-year-old Hollywood actor's 37-year-old ex-wife, who lost their infamous defamation trial in June 2022.

Emily admits it was a "thoughtless, insensitive, and ignorant" decision to poke fun at the pair's legal battle, and she feels especially "ashamed" as the trial included allegations of domestic abuse.

She began in a typed-out apology on Instagram: “I want to address what is one of the most thoughtless, insensitive, and ignorant things I’ve ever done. For Halloween, I stupidly thought it would be funny to dress as Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

“I am deeply sorry and ashamed for putting something that awful out in the universe. Domestic abuse is never, ever funny. These are real issues with real people and I REALLY regret my actions. In the future I will do better. I’m so sorry.”

Emily has deleted the snap she posted of the pair imitating the former couple's court attire.

Her friend wore ruffled blouse, black skirt, and tights.

They also had props, including a bottle of wine, in reference to one of Heard's attorneys asking Depp if he poured himself a "mega pint of red wine".

They also had a fake poo after the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' actor said he found "human faecal matter" on his bed sheets.

Depp was rewarded $15 million in damages against Heard after she penned a 2018 op-ed for the Washington Post, in which she alleged she was the victim of domestic abuse. She was later awarded $2 million in damages for her counterclaim.

Dep originally sought $50 million in damages, whilst Heard countersued for $100 million.

However, the exes reached a settlement.

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