Royal racer! Prince Louis speeds around Windsor Castle in toy electric car

Prince Louis is believed to enjoy speeding around the 100 acres of private land at Windsor Castle in his toy electric car.



Prince Louis zooms around Windsor Castle
Prince Louis zooms around Windsor Castle

Prince Louis enjoys zooming around Windsor Castle in his toy electric car.

The five-year-old royal - the youngest child of Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales - is said to enjoy motoring in the gardens of the royal property and has the freedom of 100 acres or private land, although he is supervised as he drives.

An insider told The Sun newspaper: "He can use the paths that are running through Frogmore Gardens like a racetrack and it is completely private.

"The Queen used to use the area to go riding and take her dogs. Now (Prince) Andrew and Fergie go there with the corgis.

"It's quiet and away from the public so ideal for Louis."

Louis is not the only royal who zooms around the Windsor estate as it was revealed earlier this year that his father Prince William had purchased an electric scooter for quick trips across the land to see King Charles.

A source said: "It just makes sense. He whizzes up to the castle when he needs to see the King.

"It's a two-or-three-mile round trip from his family home at Adelaide Cottage to Windsor Castle so it's easier by scooter than car or walking."

Meanwhile, King Charles is said to want his grandchildren Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis to have as “normal” an upbringing as possible.

Royal expert Chandrika Kaul told the Channel 5 documentary ‘The Fab Five: The King’s Grandchildren’: "I think King Charles is very keen that his grandchildren don’t make the mistakes that I think he feels he made, particularly when it came to matters of the heart.

"What I think he wants to do is try and help these young grandchildren grow up in as normal a way as possible and create more fully rounded human beings who are unafraid of their emotions and who are able to have the confidence to marry whom they want. And to have a happy, successful and fulfilled personal life."