Kristin Chenoweth was 'too busy' for love

Kristin Chenoweth insisted she "didn't have time" for romance when Josh Bryant asked her out but couldn't resist his charms when he flew out to one of her concerts.



Josh Bryant and Kristin Chenoweth just got married
Josh Bryant and Kristin Chenoweth just got married

Kristin Chenoweth "didn't have time" for romance when Josh Bryant asked her out.

The former 'West Wing' actress married the 39-year-old musician over the weekend after first meeting in 2016 when Josh's band, Backroad Anthem, performed at Kristin's niece's wedding, but it took until two years later, after the same group entertained at the 'Wicked' star's nephew's nuptials, for things to take a romantic turn.

Kristin recalled to People magazine: “We had become friends by this time, and that's when he came on strong.

“Josh asked me where I was going to be playing next, and it was North Carolina. I said, ‘I'm busy. I don't have time, da, da, da.’ And he shows up to the concert and that was it for me.

“I was never going to get married, I even got engaged before and couldn't do it. Until I met Josh. Then I was like, ‘Why would I ever let this guy go?’ I’m so blessed.”

After tying the knot, the couple are looking forward to further building their relationship, both personally and professionally.

The 55-year-old Broadway star said: "Josh has his own career outright, but I've kind of stole him away and he plays on a lot of my gigs with my band.

“I'm looking forward to making more music together. We live in New York, but we're also building a life in Nashville too.

“I’m so blessed to have this man. He’s my rock.”

Meanwhile, Josh fell for Kristin because of "her heart".

He gushed: “Kristin has so many amazing qualities that I love and I could just go on and on.

“But one thing for sure, is her heart. From the first time we met, I could just see that in the way she treated people. And no matter what’s going on in her life, she always makes time for everybody. She's my best friend.”