Blue star Lee Ryan 'assaulted' on Turkish Airlines plane for 'culturally insensitive' actions

Blue star Lee Ryan has allegedly been assaulted on an aeroplane after performing a "culturally insensitive" action.



Blue star Lee Ryan attacked on a plane
Blue star Lee Ryan attacked on a plane

Lee Ryan has allegedly been assaulted on an aeroplane.

The 40-year-old pop star was travelling with his Blue bandmates Duncan James, Simon Webbe and Antony Costa on a flight to Istanbul when a fellow male passenger is said to have launched an attack and proceeded to push him down the stairs after the plane had landed, causing him to sustain a leg injury.

In a joint statement, the Blue members wrote on Instagram: While on a flight from Georgia to Istanbul, Turkey with Turkish Airlines today (Saturday 8 July 2023), Lee Ryan was physically assaulted by a male passenger. Lee and the rest of the band defended him from the attack, which continued after the plane had landed when the passenger pushed Lee down a flight of stairs causing an injury to his leg.

"Both parties were spoken to by the police in Turkey and to which Lee voluntarily gave a victim statement supported by the band."

The 'All Rise' hitmakers went on to clarify that Lee had been "free" to continue his journey after giving his statement and revealed that the alleged attack had come about because he had placed his feet up onto the seats, which is was deemed to be a "culturally insensitive" action but insisted that Lee had did not know he had caused upset and apologised.

Lee was not at any point arrested, detained or charged with any offence and after giving his statement, was free to continue his journey.

The assault occurred after Lee had put his feet on the seat which was considered culturally insensitive and for which Lee has apologised for any unknowing offence caused."

Turkish Airlines are yet to speak out on the incident.