Kevin Spacey branded 'sexual bully' who preys on men on first day of trial

The opening statement on the first day of Kevin Spacey's sexual assault trial saw him branded a man who "delights in making others feel powerless and uncomfortable, a sexual bully."



Kevin Spacey's sex offence trial will go on for around a month
Kevin Spacey's sex offence trial will go on for around a month

Kevin Spacey was branded a "sexual bully" who preys on men as his trial got underway.

The 'Baby Driver' actor appeared at London's Southwark Crown Court on Friday (30.06.23) for the first proper day of his sexual assault trial, which began with the evidence being presented to the jurors.

The 63-year-old actor - who had already appeared in court on Wednesday (28.06.23) as the jury was sworn in - was charged in 2022 in London with four counts of sexual assault, allegedly committed between 2005 and 2013.

Spacey pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

Prosecutor Christine Agnew kicked off the trial by detailing the numerous allegations stacked against Spacey.

Agnew told the court: "He is an extremely famous actor who has won a number of awards. He is also, the prosecution allege, a man who sexually assaults other men.

"A man who does not respect personal boundaries or space, a man who it would seem delights in making others feel powerless and uncomfortable, a sexual bully."

She told the court it was important not to get "starstruck" or "overwhelmed" by Spacey.

The four male complainants whose cases will be heard over the next month or so have the right to anonymity.

The first plaintiff claimed they were inappropriately touched by Spacey and that the contact got "more intense", leading to him being grabbed and groped aggressively.

And Agnew told the court the Hollywood actor got a "sexual thrill out of this type of sexual aggression".

The second complainant alleged that the movie star "laughed" as he tried to get away from being grabbed "with such force it was painful" at work in 2005.

Spacey held the role of director at The Old Vic theatre in London between 2004 and 2015.

The third plaintiff, who reported the actor first, allegedly woke up to Spacey performing a sex act on him after spending the night at his flat following an evening at the pub.

The male claims Spacey offered to mentor him.

And he said he "sat and cried" at a bus stop at 5am after the alleged assault took place.

In 2013, a fourth male met Spacey at the Oxfordshire pub he worked at and later met with him at another drinking establishment he suggested they meet at.

According to the complainant, Spacey touched his leg and told him to "be cool" when he kissed his neck.

The prosecutor then told the court that Spacey grabbed the male's crotch.

Agnew said Spacey thought he could get away with doing "what and who he wanted, when he wanted".

Patrick Gibbs, Spacey's barrister, argued that the allegations made against his client had been "reimagined with a sinister spin" and "deliberately exaggerated".

He went on to ask the jury to consider what the male complainants wanted to gain from Spacey and whether they were after his money or using him to enter the acting industry.

Gibbs added: "What did they want from his wealth and from his influence and what do they still want do you think?"

The barrister then accused the complainants of spreading "damned lies" about the actor.

He concluded: "You will soon hear I suggest some truths, you will soon hear some half-truths, you will also hear I suggest...some deliberate exaggerations and you will hear many damned lies."

The 'House of Cards' actor's trial reconvenes next week.