Kate Bosworth: ‘I’ve never felt better than at 40’

After hitting the landmark age in January, Kate Bosworth has said she has “never felt better” than at 40.



Kate Bosworth has “never felt better” after turning 40.
Kate Bosworth has “never felt better” after turning 40.

Kate Bosworth has “never felt better” after turning 40.

The ‘Blue Crush’ actress, who hit the landmark age in January, made the declaration as she showed off her abs in workout gear on her Instagram, and put it down to working with her trainer.

Kate, who married ‘Tusk’ actor Justin Long, 45, in May, told her fans: “I am super proud of my strength”, adding she feels better now than in her 20s.

Referencing how she teamed up with Roxy on a “surfer girl”-inspired collection of nostalgic beach styles in May, Kate said: “At 40, I have never felt better. I am super proud of my strength in our recent @roxycampaign, feeling more optimal now than I did 20 years ago running around in a bikini for ‘Blue Crush’ :).

“A lot of you have asked about my fitness routine, nutrition, and what it’s been like working with my coach, Steph Watson, so I wanted to highlight her and share how it works… .”

Kate then revealed her triple-step approach to fitness, adding: “Step 1 – Steph creates a super simple plan for me that is custom to my body, my goals, and helps me establish sustainable, long term habits.

“Step 2 – She helps me navigate all my traveling in the summer with easy food choices and a wholesome, healthy nutritional plan. *(Steph has her masters in nutrition and advocates for long-term health and gut optimization.)

“Step 3 – Regardless of how busy I get with my chaotic schedule, she provides fun, short (but tough!) workouts to tone/sculpt in order for me to look and feel my best – no matter where I am in the world.”

Stressing her post was “not an ad”, Kate went on: “I have trained with Steph for over five years now.

“She has focused my mind/body connection through her highly efficient and specified training, which I will (unquestionably!) use life-long.

“I could go on and on about her knowledge and brilliance in the health/wellness space… AND she happens to be one of my favourite people on the planet.

“So it will not shock you to learn that she gets my emphatic endorsement :).”

Kate signed off: “Good news! Steph still has a few spots available for her premium program this summer if you are serious about getting aligned with yourself, physically and mentally, I highly recommend you check her out :).

“This is #notanad – I love connecting good people with good people she’s one of the best I know.”