Elvis Presley's stepbrother apologises for 'derogatory' claims

David Stanley, 67, has apologised for his "derogatory" claims his stepbrother Elvis Presley took his own life.



Elvis Presley's stepbrother has said sorry
Elvis Presley's stepbrother has said sorry

Elvis Presley's stepbrother has apologised for his "derogatory" claim the late singer died by suicide.

David Stanley,67, has urged the late 'Blue Suede Shoes' singer's fans to forgive him for remarks he made in Amazon Prime documentary 'Elvis's Women' , in which he expressed his belief the star took his own life because he was afraid his obsession with teenage girls was about to be exposed and he grappled with guilt at betraying so many of his lovers.

He said at the time: "I believe he just couldn't go on. He premeditated taking the medications that killed him. Love, hurt, pain, exposure — he just couldn't take it any more."

David - who also served as Elvis' bodyguard and was a member of his so-called Memphis Mafia in the 1970s - wrote on Instagram: "To all the Elvis Fans and associates that follow me here in Facebook and beyond. I am sorry for the derogatory comments I made in a documentary about Elvis that was filmed last year. .

"There is no excuse for my comments and I can fully understand why you would be angered. I love and will always love Elvis and being part of his family. He is more than worthy of the love you have for him. He loved you. I love you and all I can ask of you is for you to forgive me for my irresponsible actions."

The documentary examined claims Elvis - who died in August 1977 aged 42 after suffering a heart attack brought on by a drugs overdose - had a constant stream of teenage lovers, from his early days of fame in the 1950s until his death.

In the three-part series, David - whose mother Dee married Elvis' father Vernon in 1960 - said: "His taste for young girls, aged 15 or 16, made me sick. I told him that it's a miracle he didn't get busted.

"He got away with things most people didn't, because of his money, fortune, fame and power, charisma and magnetism. Elvis could talk the socks off you."