Jennifer Lawrence addresses Liam Hemsworth affair rumours

'The Hunger Games' actress Jennifer Lawrence has dismissed rumours she hooked up with co-star Liam Hemsworth while he was in a relationship with Miley Cyrus.



Jennifer Lawrence has dismissed the rumours
Jennifer Lawrence has dismissed the rumours

Jennifer Lawrence has dismissed rumours she hooked up with Liam Hemsworth when he was with Miley Cyrus.

The 32-year-old actress has responded to wild speculation she had an affair with her former 'Hunger Games' co-star before his split from the 'Flowers' hitmaker.

Appearing on 'Watch What Happens Live', Jennifer played the 'Plead The Fifth' game with host Andy Cohen and replied: "Not true."

The presenter had said Miley's song prompted chatter that the music video was references a secret fling between the two.

In the 'Flowers' promo, Miley struts around Hollywood Hills in a gold dress taken from Saint Laurent's autumn/winter 1991 collection.

Some fans pointed out a resemblance between that gown and the gold Prabal Gurung dress Jennifer wore at 'The Hunger Games' premiere with Liam in 2012.

Regarding the conspiracy theory, the actress added: "Total rumor.

"We all know we only kissed one time and it was years after they broke up so I just assumed that was a coincidence."

Back in 2015, she appeared on the same show and admitted she kissed Liam, 33, off camera, but it was after his split from the 30-year-old pop star.

She laughed: "Liam and I grew up together. Liam’s real hot. What would you have done?"

Miley has never publicly called out Jennifer over any potential rumours.

The actress has admitted she does get tempted to respond online when she reads lies about herself on the internet, but she doesn't have her own Instagram or Twitter accounts.

She explained: "If five people at a party think you slept with somebody's boyfriend it's really upsetting.

"And then you multiply it by, I'm not good at the math, eight billion."

It's been widely speculated that some of Miley's recent music references her relationship with Liam.

But according to an insider, she doesn't want to "bash" her ex-husband, as a source said: "She's not trying to bash Liam, but she feels like she has every right to own the narrative after everyone was picking her apart after the break-up."