Roberto Sanchez gets married

'2 Fast 2 Furious' actor Roberto Sanchez has married Lenee Adkins, just three months after they got engaged.



Roberto Sanchez has got married
Roberto Sanchez has got married

Roberto Sanchez has got married.

The '2 Fast 2 Furious' actor tied the knot with 48-year-old dancer Lenee Adkins in a private civil ceremony at a beach in Los Angeles on Wednesday (21.06.23), with just the bride's mother and one other guest in attendance.

However, the 58-year-old actor - who has sons Jiovanni, 29, and Roberto, 27, from a previous relationship - told People magazine the bride's "entire huge family" watched them exchange vows via Zoom.

Lenee added: "My family shared this special day with us."

The couple donned all white and went barefoot as they stood on the sand in front of a tower built into the side of a rocky cliff, with the Isley Brothers' dancer donning a long veil and holding white roses as her now-husband presented her with a square halo diamond ring.

The couple had got engaged on 5 March, the anniversary of their first date seven years earlier, and they couldn't be happier to have married.

The 'Palm Royale' actor said: "I have truly found my life partner. She truly makes me want to be the best version of myself."

"Lenee doesn't speak Spanish but if she did, I'm sure [she would say] ... 'Al fin!!' (Finally!)"

His wife added: "[Marriage] means that you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. Through the good and the bad, the ups and downs. You get to teach and learn from one another. To try to be a better person for one another."

And Lenee gushed her favourite things about her new husband are his "hidden goofiness and the way he makes me feel protected."

The self-described "fitness enthusiasts" met at the gym in 2015, but things only turned romantic the following year, and as soon as they went on a date, Roberto knew he wanted to marry Lenee.

He said: "The night I picked her up to go on our very first date, I knew I was going to marry her."