Kesha admits fame can be ‘crazy-making’

After tackling her inner anger, Kesha says fame can be “crazy-making”.



Kesha says fame can be ‘crazy-making‘
Kesha says fame can be ‘crazy-making‘

Kesha says fame can be “crazy-making”.

The ‘Blah Blah Blah singer’, 36, says she has lived in the spotlight since her early 20s and feels like every part of her being has been examined by others.

She told SELF magazine: “I’ve lived in the public eye since I was 22. I’ve had people dissect every part of me. And it can be embarrassing. It can be crazy-making.”

Kesha’s SELF profile said she found herself facing feelings she had long avoided dealing with during the Covid lockdowns, and added her recent track ‘Living in my Head’ focuses on “the criticism she’s internalised over the years” and was written “in the throes of a panic attack”.

The singer – who goes to regular therapy sessions – added her acupuncturist told her she needed to release her pent-up anger by going somewhere to scream.

She said: “I’ve never, ever been in touch with my anger, and my acupuncturist told me, ‘You need to go on a mountain and scream.’

“I was like, ‘No, I really don’t feel angry.’”

The magazine added she followed the acupuncturist’s advice and realised she had pent-up anger, which also woke her up to the fact she needed healthy ways to regularly release the “pressure valve” on her rage.

SELF said she practices ninjutsu as one of her coping mechanisms.

Kesha added about how performing helps release bottled up emotion: “There are still moments when I absolutely want to slap a bunch of wild makeup on, put a wig on, put the heels on, and throw a cape on. It’s fun.

“That’s the reason I did it in the first place! I didn’t quite think it was going to be so etched in stone as who I am.”