'I'm a daddy's girl': Kendall Jenner doesn't feel like a Kardashian

Kendall Jenner might share a mom with her half-sisters, but she admits she doesn't feel like one of the Kardashians.



Kendall Jenner didn't want to be famous
Kendall Jenner didn't want to be famous

Kendall Jenner doesn't feel like a Kardashian.

The 27-year-old model feels more like her father Caitlyn Jenner - who was known as Bruce Jenner, a former Olympian decathlete, before undergoing gender-affirming surgery in 2017 - than her reality star half-sisters, Kim, 42, Khloe, 38, and Kourtney Kardashian, 44.

Momager Kris Jenner, 67, and Caitlyn, 73, also have beauty mogul daughter Kylie Jenner, 25, who also likes to be out of the spotlight as much as possible like Kendall.

Kendall told WSJ. Magazine: “I obviously understand I fall under the umbrella of the Kardashian sisters.

“It’s just weird to me … because I am just like my dad in so many ways. I’m such a Jenner, in my opinion."

Mom Kris told the publication: "From the time she was a little girl, she has seemed really definite in who she is and how she wants to do it."

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs, 60, insisted he never cast Kendall because of her famous name.

He said of recruiting the catwalk beauty for her first runway show in 2014: “She was Kendall, she wasn’t Kendall Jenner, she wasn’t Kim’s little sister."

Kendall admitted that being in the spotlight is not for her, but she has grown used to it.

She added: "I was born into this life, but I didn’t choose this life. I’m not good at it.

"I do it, and I’ve learned how to do it."

The 818 Tequila owner previously admitted she gets "really anxious" when she's out in a crowd and finds it frustrating that people mistake her quietness for hostility.

Speaking on 'The Kardashians' as she headed to Las Vegas with her friends to promote her tequila brand, she said: "I know I’m here for work and there’s a part of me that’s enjoying myself and there’s a part of me that’s just really anxious because I don’t always love big crowds for probably some obvious reasons.

"I feel like anything I do, anything, gets hate. I could be walking down the street doing absolutely nothing and somebody always has something bad to say.

"The narrative has got so out of hand about me and my family that there’s just no changing it anymore."

Asked about the misconceptions she's heard about herself, she added: "Oh, my God, so many things!

"I think the one that hurts the most is that people think I’m a mean girl, because that’s just not the case.

"It can be upsetting when someone is questioning your character, if only people knew me."

Not only did Kendall - who is rumoured to be dating 29-year-old rapper Bad Bunny - find the event in Las Vegas "very overwhelming", she admitted she "craved the complete opposite" in her life.

She admitted: "I wanna be on a farm in Wyoming with a ton of animals. That's where I wanna be."

The brunette beauty also told of how she struggled to make friends as a teenager because of her family's fame.

She said: "They just wanted to come over to be on [the show]. So my walls went up then.

"I also just get uncomfortable, I never want to be like, 'Hey, do you want to be on my show?'"

But after more than a decade in the spotlight, Kendall has "gotten a lot more comfortable with it."