Kelsey Grammer's message from God 'stopped him drinking'

Kelsey Grammer believes his car crash was God telling him to stop drinking booze.



Kelsey Grammer dealt with his alcoholism after his nasty car crash
Kelsey Grammer dealt with his alcoholism after his nasty car crash

Kelsey Grammer believes his mid-90s car accident was a message from God to stop him drinking.

The ‘Frasier’ actor experienced a turbulent decade that saw him marry and divorce stripper Leigh Anne Csuhany, get arrested for cocaine possession and be accused of sexual misconduct, but he finally sought help for his alcoholism after being involved in the 1996 accident.

He told Sorted magazine: “You have to own up to your own personal choices and mine were severely flawed.

“Yet for all the self-examination and chastising I embarked on, when it came to drawing a line in the sand, that car accident was very definitely a signal for me.

“I got to a place where I was out of control, where something had to happen because every day I was asking God to help me stop drinking and, well, I guess he did, in a very rough way.”

The 68-year-old actor has experienced a lot of personal tragedy, including the murder of his sister Karen in 1975, seven years after his dad Allen was also killed, and the 1980 deaths of his half-brothers Billy and Stephen in a scuba diving accident.

Kelsey admitted the devastating incidents led to him feeling “totally abandoned” by his faith.

He said: “I don’t know if I ever thought the family was cursed, but I cursed God for a while.

“I had a great sense of faith and I did feel betrayed. After my sister died, I felt totally abandoned.

“I hated being alive, indulged in a great depression and a kind of aggressive approach to the streets at night. I was looking for trouble.”

The ‘Jesus Revolution’ star hopes his personal struggles can provide inspiration to others.

He said: “I hope my well-documented ride has given people courage to live through the lives they’ve chosen, because at least they’re not as damaged as I am… or was.”