'It's just not my world!' Emily Blunt 'intimidated' by fashion

Emily Blunt feels "intimidated" by the world of fashion and can often feel like an "outsider" at events.



Emily Blunt feels intimidated by the world of fashion
Emily Blunt feels intimidated by the world of fashion

Emily Blunt feels “intimidated” by fashion.

The ‘Oppenheimer’ actress “adores” clothes and dressing up but she admitted she often feels “on the outside” of the industry.

She told Britain’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine: “I adore fashion but it’s not really my world. It can be quite an intimidating crowd, and I sometimes feel a bit on the outside of it."

But the 40-year-old actress feels comfortable walking the red carpet at the annual Met Gala because there’s always a theme that she and her her fellow can celebrities adhere to.

She said: "I love that everyone there is playing a role, so it becomes less self-reflective and more performative."

When it comes to her acting career, the 'Devil Wears Prada' star refuses to work away for longer than two weeks at a time in order to provide stability for her and husband John Krasinski’s two daughters, Hazel, nine, and seven-year-old Violet.

She said: "Because even though they’re hardy, and they’re used to this strange life, it’s still rough on them when I have to go away…

“There are cornerstones of the girls’ day that I don’t want to compromise on – like, will you wake me up, take me to school, pick me up and put me to bed?

"And I just want to be able to say, yes, yes, yes. It’s such an exhale for me to be able to do that."

The British star has lived in the US since 2016 and while being in Los Angeles made her long for life back in London, she finally feels at home in Brooklyn.

She said: "I feel very at home here. It’s like a village within New York, with all the spontaneity combined with the reality of being in a big city."