Game of Thrones star Jessica Henwick: 'You don't quit the industry, the industry quits you!'

Jessica Henwick has "always wanted to be a storyteller" in whatever form that may be as she turns her hand to both writing and acting.



Jessica Henwick discusses her writing career
Jessica Henwick discusses her writing career

Jessica Henwick has "always wanted to be a storyteller" in whatever form that may be.

The 30-year-old star is known for her role as Nymeria Sand in HBO fantasy series 'Game of Thrones' but has also turned her hand to writing with the BAFTA-nominated 'Bus Girl' and explained that there may come a day when she may end up just doing one over the other.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "It's interesting because I kind of see them as two strings of the same bow. I've always just wanted to be a storyteller, you know, and acting or writing or directing. They're all just different forms of storytelling. So I don't feel like I will choose one over the other but I always say about this industry. You never quit the industry the industry quits you, so there might be a day where I wake up and the industry goes ‘You know what we're done with Actor Jess. Now we just want Writer Jess’. And I hope I'll be gracious enough to accept that cool when it comes."

Meanwhile, the 'Knives Out: Glass Onion' actress is currently voicing the role of Dotty in the Boomerang series 'Moley' - and has also written various episodes - and hopes that the series is "educational" as well as fun.

She said: "Dotty is Moley's best friend and she's a kind of firecracker. I think it's a really, really fun show. I actually enjoy the show, and I am an adult. So I do think it's something that crosses age ranges quite easily. But I just think it's really fun.

And I think it's in moles are sort of untapped IP to an extent. It's an interesting new creature, not one that you would necessarily expect to be the face of a kid show, but they're so fun. And the animation is beautiful. And of course, every episode is talking about real life, real life, moral quandaries and yeah, I hope that it's fun and educational."

New episodes of 'Moley' air on Boomerang this month.

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