Julia Louis-Dreyfus will be on the picket line if SAG-AFTRA strike happens

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has vowed to take to the picket line if a SAG-AFTRA strike does go ahead.



Julia Louis-Dreyfus will be on the picket line
Julia Louis-Dreyfus will be on the picket line

Julia Louis-Dreyfus will take to the picket line in the event of a SAG-AFTRA strike.

The Screen Actors Guild and Directors Guild of America are rumoured to be joining the Writers Guild of America by staging a strike and Julia has promised to make her voice heard if the union does take action.

Asked if she would be on the picket line by Variety, Julia said: "You bet your f****** a**. I voted yes for the strike authorisation.

“By the way, that doesn’t mean we’re striking. It just gives the board the ability to strike if they need to and I’m in favour of that."

The 'Your Hurt My Feelings' star explained how all three unions are aligned in trying to ensure that every member gets a fair wage for their work.

Julia said: "The issues that the Screen Actors Guild is facing are very similar to what the Writers Guild is facing; and even the DGA for that matter to certain extent.

"It’s time for us to stand up and get what we so rightfully deserve, which is a living wage, and particularly for the middle class in the Screen Actors Guild not to be squeezed out of the system altogether."

Meanwhile, Julia recently bemoaned how older women have been made to feel "invisible" in modern society which made her launch the 'Wiser Than Me' podcast to give them a platform.

The 62-year-old actress told People magazine: "I saw this documentary on HBO called 'Jane Fonda in Five Acts'. [As] I was watching it, I was thinking, 'God, you know, we just don't hear from older women. We don't do a deep dive very often into the lives of older women. They've lived, they have all this experience under their belt, and why aren't we hearing from them?'

"So I thought it would be exciting to compile a list of women and see if anybody wanted to sit down and have a pretty frank, honest conversation about life … It’s been really exciting."

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