'I don't buy it': Melanie Martin not happy with fiance Aaron Carter's autopsy results

Melanie Martin has broken her silence after the results of her fiance Aaron Carter's autopsy were released.



Melanie Martin has spoken out about Aaron Carter's autopsy results
Melanie Martin has spoken out about Aaron Carter's autopsy results

Aaron Carter's fiancee "doesn't buy" the results of his autopsy.

The 'Crazy Little Party Girl' hitmaker died at his California home last November aged 34 and a report from the Los Angeles Medical Examiner revealed he drowned after taking anti-anxiety drug Xanax and inhaling difluoroethane, which is used in cans of compressed air, but Melanie Martin still has "a lot more questions" about the circumstances surrounding his passing.

She told The US Sun: "I am not getting the closure I need because I don’t buy it.

"He was found with clothing on the coroner told me, how would he have drowned with clothing on.

"I still have a lot more questions I would like answered regarding the police investigation.”

Melanie - who has 16-month-old son Prince with Aaron - thanked fans for supporting her since the tragic death of the pop star expressed her hope people will "start to focus on all the good her late partner put into this world" because he "was so much more than his issues."

She added: "I am having to come to terms with the fact that Prince and I, along with Aaron's family and friends, may never have all the answers.

"I am thankful to all who have been so supportive of Prince and I throughout this, from the certain family members who were still in Aaron's life til the end, to Aaron's true friends, to his many devoted fans.

"While there were enablers and bad influences in Aaron's circle, it's also important to note that Aaron had people who loved him unconditionally.

"I hope, as this chapter of the grieving process closes, we can focus more on Aaron's legacy and all the joy he brought to so many.

"Aaron will always be the love of my life. He was an amazing partner and a loving father.

"My main focus now is to raise Prince as Aaron would have wanted, and make sure Aaron's legacy is never forgotten."